Let’s Dish About Food

Welcome to Nibbles and Scribbles! If you’re here, you probably mis-clicked a link that you thought was going to take you to a hot new gourmet recipe website or the most reputable restaurant review resource in town. Either that or you GENUINELY took an interest in our lumpy, half-baked little blog. Such a darling! If perusing the semi-organized rantings of two ladies who can’t stop talking about food is your cup of tea, then we’re going to get Oolong just fine. (Caution: This blog may contain traces of nuts and puns).

When our mouths aren’t busy eating something delicious, they’re busy talking about delicious topics like food culture, history, health trends… basically whatever strikes our fancy or our taste buds next. Here’s what you can expect from each of us:

Elena Blanco Moleon

Elena’s posts are rated E for Everyone and guaranteed to make you learn at least ONE new fun fact every time. She lovesĀ all food groups equally even though they don’t all love her back. (Her relationship status with Dairy on Facebook still says “It’s Complicated”). She grew up in Cuba where being a glutton can be a challenge, but black markets and resourceful parents helped her develop an impressively long-lasting layer of baby fat. After 4 years of Literary Arts at Ottawa’s Canterbury Arts High School and 5 years of Communication Studies / Creative Writing at Concordia University, she’s got enough alphabet soup in her brain to spare, best served in a big blog bowl. You’ll notice she sprinkles Montreal steak spice throughout her writing, having spent the better part of 10 years in this city, but there’s more than Canadian fare on the menu. She’ll never understand picky eaters, especially vegetable-phobic adults. All she keeps saying is Give Peas A Chance!

Lesley Stoch

Lesley’s posts are so smartly sassy you’ll wonder whether Tina Fey started a food blog under a fake name. Sharper than aged cheddar, she doesn’t slap you over the face with her sarcasm but rather slaps herself in a cheerfully self flagellating display of only the finest self deprecating humour. However, she’s not afraid to get real when it comes to less popular food topics like diet restrictions based on fads vs need. As someone with Chrons disease, living on the edge means chewing on a kernel of popcorn before politely spitting it out into a napkin. When she’s not befriending foreign street cats, hiking nature trails, or re-learning surfing basics, her worldly travels become exclusively food-centric. Like most self-respecting freelance photographers, she’ll sacrifice comfort for her art. You can find her toting her back-breaking camera gear all over exotic spice markets, restaurant patios, and street cart (or gondola!) vendor hubs.

Now that you know a little bit about the queens behind the screen, go ahead and start stuffing your plate with our latest scribbles. It’s an all-you-can-eat blog buffet and we’ve been cooking up a storm!